About The Owners

Hey! We're the faces behind The Salty Bronc. Bejay on the left & Kodi Jane on the right. This all started as a hobby for me (Kodi) to be in the shop with Bejay more
& spend some extra time together. But once I started showing all our friends & family the rings & bracelets I made, I knew I had just found my calling. Then once I started taking pictures in my cactus & rock garden, talk about WHOA! I was blown away & just had to share it with the world. 

We live in East Texas (Van Zandt Co.) & if your local & reading this you know exactly how we came up with the name for the brand. Grand Saline is a small town where Kodi's family is all from & its the home of The Morton Salt Company. The Saying is "Its The Salt of The Earth" So we thought "The Salty Bronc" is just perfect for our handmade/custom western inspired jewelry. 

Thank you so much for supporting our small business, you are supporting our dream!
-Bejay & Kodi Jane Wright 

About Our Pieces:  

Each Piece Is Hand Stamped, Although Each Item May Look Similar They Will Not Be Exactly The Same.  

 The Ink In All Hand Stamped Pieces May Wear & Fade With Time, Avoid Exposure To Water and Unnecessary Elements. 

 Rings & Bracelets Are Made Of Aluminum And Should Not Turn With Proper Care.