About The Owners

Hey! We're the faces behind The Salty Bronc. Bejay on the left & Kodi Jane on the right. This all started as a hobby for me (Kodi) to be in the shop with Bejay more
& spend some extra time together. But once I started showing all our friends & family the rings & bracelets I made, I knew I had just found my calling. Then once I started taking pictures in my cactus & rock garden, talk about WHOA! I was blown away & just had to share it with the world. 

We live in East Texas (Van Zandt Co.) & if your local & reading this you know exactly how we came up with the name for the brand. Grand Saline is a small town where Kodi's family is all from & its the home of The Morton Salt Company. The Saying is "Its The Salt of The Earth" So we thought "The Salty Bronc" is just perfect for our handmade/custom western inspired jewelry. 

Thank you so much for supporting our small business, you are supporting our dream!
-Bejay & Kodi Jane Wright 

About Our Pieces:  

Each Piece Is Hand Stamped, Although Each Item May Look Similar They Will Not Be Exactly The Same.  

 The Ink In All Hand Stamped Pieces May Wear & Fade With Time, Avoid Exposure To Water and Unnecessary Elements. 

 Rings & Bracelets Are Made Of Aluminum And Should Not Turn With Proper Care. 

 The fastest way to get in contact with me is through email thesaltybronc@gmail.com!

 *Each piece is handmade and will all look slightly different than anything you see pictured.  

Shop In Store! Our hours are subject to change due to kids activities, so please check our Facebook page or give us a call.

Address: 320 Garland Street, Grand Saline TX 75140

*Next Door To Peraltas Mexican Restaurant*