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Custom Wide Rings

Custom Wide Rings

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What All Fits: Names, Initials, Dates (Roman Numeral), Brands Can Only Be Engraved (Due To All The Details) & Patterns Can Be Added.  

How To Order: Type The Wording (Name, Initials, Date) You Want In The Customization Box , Along With Symbols, Heart Outline, Full Colored Heart, Cross, Thunderbird, Diamond, Moon, Stars or To The Power Of & The Number. 

Example: (Cactus) Salty (Cactus) 

*Use Pictures For References*

All Rings Are Made of Aluminum & Adjustable in Size.  

*Engraved rings have thinner lines versus when it is stamped*

Plain Finish-is a slick plain ring 

Hammered Finish-has the black “textured” affect 

Engraved Rings-come with the hammered affect unless stated differently in the customization box. 

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